Wedding Words

Friday, February 17, 2012
In our current culture of Words With Friends and Scrabble being wildly popular, this trend has crossed over to wedding decor.  And we love it!  There are many different ways to incorporate this fun theme into your event.

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Spread letter tiles around reception tables, buffets, gift tables, and the like and see what your guests come up with.

These clever place cards incorporate a word tile into the guests' name.

A couples' table gains character and whimsy with enlarged letter tiles to mark their spots.

Travel size Scrabble games provide a fun idea for ice breakers for wedding guests.  Here, a couple uses it as part of an engagement photo shoot.

A chic and not too shabby bridal shower gets a cute decor accent from Scrabble tiles that spell "Bride To Be".

                                     Any 4 Canvas Scrabble Letter Pillow COVERS, Letter Cushion COVERS, Felt Pillows - LOVE Pillow Covers or  any 4 letters
Letter tile pillows would make a great wedding gift for the Scrabble-loving couple.

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