Sunny Sunflower Weddings

Wednesday, February 15, 2012
We have seen a surge in sunflowers for weddings lately.  Not that they ever went out of style, but it seems they are wildly popular right now!  And for good reason.  The creativity and rustic charm revolving around sunflowers makes them the ideal theme and accent for a wedding.

Look at this cake!  The handpainted and embellished sunflowers on this cake are to die for.  The black and white stripe ribbon at the base adds a nice contrast.

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So simple and elegant, all-sunflower centerpieces add a uniform and clean look to this guest reception table.

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These Sunny Sunflower Place Card Holders from Wedding Belle Favors are too cute.  Perfect for a place card or photo, they add a rustic yet elegant touch to the table.

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These adorable sunflower cupcakes would be perfect for a bridal shower or casual outdoor reception.  We can't get over how realistic and perfect the sunflower are on these.

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This gorgeous sunflower aisle and altar are heavily adorned with sunflowers, but maintains a simplicity in its look.  Just beautiful.

Navy bridesmaid dresses are the perfect compliment to sunflower-infused bouquets.

For wedding favor sunflower ideas, please visit Wedding Belle Favors.


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