Oh September, why arent you December?

Thursday, September 8, 2011
Phew, where did September come from?

Im a little taken off guard right now as things have slowed way down for us here at the factory. Where have all of the Flower Pot Pen Favors and the Gerber Daisy box Favors gone? 

Well, here in the wedding industry, we have what we call 'fall cleaning' springtime is much too busy for cleaning but fall, fall is when the office looks clean and organized and the ribbon is put away and my desk doesn't look like a wedding exploded on it. Im a  little directionless right now, what am i supposed to do with these fingers when they're not tying bows? Sigh...

I console myself with looking forward to making lots and lots of Winter and Christmas themed favors, its the only time of the year that the smell of cinnamon, pumpkin spice, peppermint and fill the office.

Speaking of peppermint, have you seen our Snow Cone Bathsalts? These 'snow cones' are 7 inch tall, peppermint vanilla bathsalt toting bundles of comfort and cheer. Perfect for your wedding or event. 

Feeling festive yet? Well if you aren't, let me introduce you to another of our winter themed favors! 

The Merry Martini Bath Salts! Red, Spicy Plum scented bath salts in a 7 inch tall martini glass finished with a red bow and favor tag. As always, we're super happy to customize the tag for you. 

Last but not least, a favor box! This beauty is the Snow Flake Favor Box. a holiday favorite!
With your choice of our 'sno capped' chocolates, or peppermint or vanilla scented guest soaps, this little box is tied with grosgrain ribbon and topped to perfection with a glittery snowflake. Also perfect for your wedding or event. 

Don't forget though, we have lots of other winter themed favors. Check out our Winter Favors  page at our website www.weddingbellefavors.com

Boxes and boxes!

Thursday, September 1, 2011
Probably my all time favorite wedding favors are the simple box favors. Its like a mini present sitting at your place setting to let you know that the couple appreciates you being there to share their day. Who doesn't like presents? I also have a thing for satin ribbon, so when i sit down at the reception and see a present tied with satin ribbon it doesn't matter how long he ceremony was, I'm a happy girl.

We've got tons of boxes here at Wedding Belle Favors, all shapes and sizes too! Let me give you a box tour:

This is our Italian Favor box :

A square 2x2x2 box filled with amorini heart chocolates that is simply tied with satin ribbon for an elegant and simple addition to any place setting. If you maybe want something not so simple we can put a personalized tag on them, or our patterned grosgrain ribbon, or even personalized ribbon! These little beauties will never disappoint. They come in all the colors shown and in any ribbon color you could possibly want. We can even sell them as a kit if you want to put your own chocolate in them!
We also have Classic Favor boxes. These ones on the other hand have yummy foil wrapped milk chocolate hearts in them, and again, if you want them personalized we can do that. We even have a special type of these boxes called the 'Monogram Favor Box.'

If you like monograms, we also have heart shaped monogram boxes and tons of other favors upon which you can stamp your new initial.

Dont forget about our Gerber Daisy Box collection. Make no mistake, these are the ORIGINAL Gerbery Daisy Boxes. The Boxes come in Tangerine and Hot Pink, and are one of our best selling favors. They're so adorable!

Our Striped Gerber Daisy boxes are a relatively new addition, these come as a kit so you can add your own goodies to them.

And, last but not least, probably one of our coolest favors :

The 'Love Rocks' Favor box. For the cool chick inside you. With those foil wrapped chocolate hearts and tied with your choice of and of black or red ribbon, this ones a winner.

Love Birds.

Friday, August 19, 2011
I didnt realize until recently that there is a legitimate species of  birds known as Lovebirds. I always thought that it was just a silly nickname for lovers. I stand corrected. Interestingly enough, they're called love birds because unlike many animals they mate for life, additionally they will sit for long periods of time together on a branch without moving. Seahorses also mate for life, for the curious.

Love birds are the perfect symbol for a wedding. Not to mention there are so many different Do It Yourself resources out there to make bird decorations.

Check out this one from Martha Stewart. Super cute paper birds and you can make them any color, and put them anywhere in your decorations. Click on the picture for a link to the page with the pattern.

We have a couple adorable Lovebird themed favors here at Wedding Belle Favors. Super cute for any bird themed wedding.

Four Small egg shaped soaps "nested" together  and wrapped in cello and tied with a light blue satin ribbon and tag. We can, of course personalize the tag for you and your lovebird.

If you check out our website (www.weddingbellefavors.com) we have a couple other bird themed favors to choose from!

Fall Weddings.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011
Is it too early to start talking about fall weddings?

If your wedding is this fall, im sure you have already answered that question in your mind with a resounding "no!"

I love fall weddings, fall weddings in places of the country where the leaves change colors and the grass turns a rich green, and the pretty colored leaves fall on the green grass and makes me just want to go jump in it. A jump into a pile of leaves is oh so satisfying. Not to mention, i love fall because its not too cold yet and i can pull out all my sweaters and scarves that had been put away in the spring, and starbucks brings back their pumpkin spice latte... mmm... im ready for fall. Fall really is an overlooked season, everyone is too busy thinking about Christmas to notice the leaves.
Fall Leaf Soap

Anyway, here at Wedding Belle Favors, we're ready for fall too. Some of my favorite favors that we sell are fall favors. They're fun to make and they're super cute.

This is the Fall leaf Soap. These soaps come in a nice ruddy red with a cinnamon scent, and a pumpkin colored orange with pumpkin spice scent.

Dont worry, if you cant get enough of the pumpkin spice scent, we have you covered on that too.

Pumpkin Spice Bath Salts

Pumpkin Spice Bath Salts. All boxed up and tied with a ribbon and ready to go.... straight into your bathtub, that is...

Going Rustic: Things to make your wedding perfectly rustic.

Thursday, July 28, 2011
When I think about the word 'rustic' i think about the barn at my best friend's house growing up, mud boots, tire swings, hay bales, and well... rust.

The images that are conjured up by my mind when thinking of the word are so pleasant, happy and carefree, i can totally understand why Rustic Weddings are becoming so popular. They're so pleasant, happy and carefree. Theres definitely a romance to getting married in a marvelous old barn, or a beautiful vineyard, and as we all know, getting married is all about romance. 

Here are a few of the things i've thought of to make your wedding perfectly rustic:

Mason Jars. Oh Lordy, how gorgeous they are these? Your mom probably has some buried somewhere with her canning supplies, if not they're still around, you can buy them new at grocery stores, for those budget conscious brides, who dont mind venturing into thrift stores you can also find tons of them at goodwill for less than a dollar a piece. Here's why Mason Jars are so cool. You can use them for everything. They are candle holders, they're vases, they're food safe, and they are oh so cute.
Wild Flowers. The kind of flowers that you would find around your home. For me, up here in the Pacific Northwest, its Daisies, Dandelions, and Daffodils. They're pretty little flowers that deserve a nod on your wedding day, and they're much less expensive than orchids imported from hawaii. Dont forget to put loads of your wild flowers in your mason jars ;)

Wood Table Numbers and/or Directional Signs. Nothing says rustic wedding like a wooden Hand painted sign telling guests where to go, or where their table is. Use old wood found on a farm somewhere, that will give the best results, and wooden rounds from small branches are cute too.

Tie everything with twine. You can use hemp string, or cotton string, or even baling twine if you want (although, i dont reccomend it, because i've only ever seen it in bright orange.) But tie everything with your string of choice. You can use it instead of napkin rings, you can tie it around the flower bouquets, you can tie it around your vases, centerpieces, use it to tie up those wooden signs, you can even tie it around your invitations! It adds such a sweet rustic touch to everything.

Lace. Lace also adds a pretty and yet rustic feel. Lace is something that is making a bit of a come back. Use lace table cloths, use lace around the bride and bridesmaid's bouquets. Wear lace dresses! Im a huge advocate for lace. Here at Wedding Belle Favors, we're even tossing around the idea of using lace bags for lavender sachets, how cute would that be?!
Embroidered Lavender Sachet

Dont forget about your wedding favors though, they add the perfect touch to every table. Check out these beauties!

Embroidered Lavender Sachets. Filled with real dried lavender in a burlap pouch. Tied with a lavender colored satin ribbon. We would be happy to tie it with string though, if you would like ;)

Most of our favors are hand made, so you can be sure that lots of love and care goes into each and every one, just for you, because its your wedding day.

Polka Dot Watering Cans!

Friday, July 22, 2011
Finally! Back in stock, our adorable polka dot watering cans!

We missed them.

Did you know that every single one of those dots on the cans are hand painted? In fact, most of our favors are hand made right here at the Wedding Belle Favors Headquarters. We love what we do.

For the curious, these little favors are so versatile. They're both water tight and food safe, so use them for candies, or lollipops, for mini bouquets, bathsalts, seeds, we even had a customer inquire about using them for salad dressing!

Not really into the whole showering can thing? We also have Polka Dot Pails. They're just as cute, but dont have a spout. ;)

Clamshells and Pairs of Pears.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011
The Wedding Season is in full swing here at Wedding Belle Favors. We've got Flower Pot Pen Favors and the Original Gerber Daisy Favor Boxes flying out of here like there is no tomorrow! Sometimes I feel like my desk is being overrun by pink and orange flowers!

Lets break from pink and orange flowers and showcase some favors that maybe you've never seen before. For instance:

The Irish Clamshell Favor. So cute.

Perfect for putting in a wedding welcome bag, or even giving to your bridesmaids! Its also a great stand alone favor. Who doesnt love a some bathsalts? For the curious, its a real clamshell. Use it to hold your pearl earrings after you've used up the bathsalts ;)

The Irish Clamshell favor is actually one of my personal favorites. I LOVE making them. You can choose coconut scented bath salts (white) or ocean breeze scented salts (blue), and if you want them personalized let us know, and I would be happy to put a pretty striped favor tag on them for you myself!

How about another one?

This little beauty, is the Perfect "Pair" Soap Duo.

I love these. You cant tell from the picture too well (i'll try and get a better picture in the future) but they're two 3 dimensional soaps in the shape of a pears tied together in sets of two with tulle and mint green satin with an cute little favor tag that creates the perfect pair of pears! I also love, these little soaps are only an inch and a half tall! Good things come in small packages.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

We love when others come up with creative ideas for our wedding favors. Check out our cute Gerber Daisy Place Card Holders, used for a baby shower. We love when products crossover!

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