Glam Guest Books

Wednesday, February 29, 2012
These days, wedding guest books are anything but ordinary.

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LOVE this idea of creating a photo album of engagement photos and using it as your guest book.

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Find your birthday, sign your name!  Cute, creative calendar guest book.

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This lovely guest book alternative has guests write quick notes on river rocks.

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Guest book vase, very cute.

Get More Inspiration With Us On Pinterest!

Saturday, February 25, 2012
 Yes, we are all in love with Pinterest as much as you are!  We are working hard on building boards that will inspire you in your wedding planning.  Please check us out!

Pinned Image  Wedding Favors Inspiration Board. 

Pinned Image  Wedding Attire Inspiration Board.

"Art"-ificial Bouquets

Friday, February 24, 2012
These bouquets are putting the "art" back into weddings.  The parts are conventional items, but the results are unreal.

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A gorgeous bridal bouquet made from buttons and felt flowers.

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A gorgeous bouquet made from vintage brooches.

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Funky felt flower cool!

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Although not technically artificial, cotton boutonnieres are a grand step away from real flowers....we love the rustic feel it gives.

Polka Dot Watering Can Favors

Thursday, February 23, 2012 #Polka #Dot Watering Can #Favors. S-O-O-O-O cute.

Pop Goes The Wedding!

Popcorn and carnival themes are gaining in popularity in weddings.  Couples are getting very creative in their use of all things that "pop"!

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Yes, these really are little mini wedding cakes made to look like popcorn.

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A move/popcorn inspired wedding invitation.

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How fun, a serve-yourself popcorn bar!

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Cute, decorative wedding cones would make cute popcorn containers at a wedding.

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Popcorn cupcakes are a welcome addition to any reception.

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Carnival-inspired wedding complete with popcorn machine.

Rainbow Brite, Part I

Tuesday, February 21, 2012
I almost can't keep up with the tweeting and talk about all things rainbows for weddings.  So I felt I had to quickly get something up on our blog with a few tidbits of rainbow-ness in regards to weddings!  Below are some fun wedding attire ideas incorporating a rainbow theme.  Don't worry, a longer blog is coming soon!

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Wow!  How amazing is this rainbow pump from Betsey Johnson?  What a wonderful surprise this would be under your wedding dress.....:)

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Cover every color of the rainbow with these rainbow bridesmaid dresses!  Just make sure they stand in order.....:)

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Striking tights on bridesmaid in a rainbow of colors.

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Flowers and stripes at the base of each tier mimic a rainbow on this colorful cake.

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This bohemian look for a wedding incorporates rainbow-inspired make-up techniques.

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Rainbow polka dot wedding lanterns=LOVE.

Rustic Love

Sunday, February 19, 2012
Rustic elegance is a welcome addition to weddings.  From mason jars to outdoor settings to natural accents, rustic charm is the perfect theme for a wedding.

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We love the naturalness and "outdoor vibe" this birch tree cake embibes.

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This reception blends classic elegance of chivari chairs and traditional tables with rustic tree branches above.

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These clear wine bottles work well as rustic candleholders.

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This rustic sign for an outdoor reception is simply charming.

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Beautiful stones make a lovely alternative for a guest book.

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These mason jar centerpieces are simple and perfect.

                            Flower Table Numbers
These floral table numbers add the perfect natural touch to table centerpieces.

Wedding Words

Friday, February 17, 2012
In our current culture of Words With Friends and Scrabble being wildly popular, this trend has crossed over to wedding decor.  And we love it!  There are many different ways to incorporate this fun theme into your event.

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Spread letter tiles around reception tables, buffets, gift tables, and the like and see what your guests come up with.

These clever place cards incorporate a word tile into the guests' name.

A couples' table gains character and whimsy with enlarged letter tiles to mark their spots.

Travel size Scrabble games provide a fun idea for ice breakers for wedding guests.  Here, a couple uses it as part of an engagement photo shoot.

A chic and not too shabby bridal shower gets a cute decor accent from Scrabble tiles that spell "Bride To Be".

                                     Any 4 Canvas Scrabble Letter Pillow COVERS, Letter Cushion COVERS, Felt Pillows - LOVE Pillow Covers or  any 4 letters
Letter tile pillows would make a great wedding gift for the Scrabble-loving couple.

                          Sweet Things blogspot {ideas & inspiration} Spell It Out

Sunny Sunflower Weddings

Wednesday, February 15, 2012
We have seen a surge in sunflowers for weddings lately.  Not that they ever went out of style, but it seems they are wildly popular right now!  And for good reason.  The creativity and rustic charm revolving around sunflowers makes them the ideal theme and accent for a wedding.

Look at this cake!  The handpainted and embellished sunflowers on this cake are to die for.  The black and white stripe ribbon at the base adds a nice contrast.

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So simple and elegant, all-sunflower centerpieces add a uniform and clean look to this guest reception table.

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These Sunny Sunflower Place Card Holders from Wedding Belle Favors are too cute.  Perfect for a place card or photo, they add a rustic yet elegant touch to the table.

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These adorable sunflower cupcakes would be perfect for a bridal shower or casual outdoor reception.  We can't get over how realistic and perfect the sunflower are on these.

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This gorgeous sunflower aisle and altar are heavily adorned with sunflowers, but maintains a simplicity in its look.  Just beautiful.

Navy bridesmaid dresses are the perfect compliment to sunflower-infused bouquets.

For wedding favor sunflower ideas, please visit Wedding Belle Favors.

Color Focus: Purple and Lime

Wednesday, February 8, 2012
Purple and Lime for weddings......we love this color!  It can be used in a variety of ways to encompass an overall color theme for your wedding. 

                          Purple and lime green wedding cakes 258x300 Purple Wedding Cakes

How gorgeous is this purple and lime wedding cake?

Eggplant bridesmaid dress with vibrant green and lime flowers.  So cute!

Peacock Feather Dark  Purple Lime Green Rhinestone Accent Bridal Wedding Ring Bearer Pillow

The growing-in-popularity peacock theme for weddings blends nicely with a purple and lime wedding theme with this ring pillow.

place setting with a round lime green box on top

Perfect for a bridal shower, these mini lime green wedding cakes with purple flowers will please each guest.

Flower Table Numbers

Look at these gorgeous Flower Table Numbers!  Our site adds custom ribbon backs, so they could be accented with matching lavender or lime satin ribbon.

Sparkling Blackberry Limeade, a fun drink to serve to your guests.

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Lavender Sachets

Lavender sachets make the perfect favor!
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