Love Birds.

Friday, August 19, 2011
I didnt realize until recently that there is a legitimate species of  birds known as Lovebirds. I always thought that it was just a silly nickname for lovers. I stand corrected. Interestingly enough, they're called love birds because unlike many animals they mate for life, additionally they will sit for long periods of time together on a branch without moving. Seahorses also mate for life, for the curious.

Love birds are the perfect symbol for a wedding. Not to mention there are so many different Do It Yourself resources out there to make bird decorations.

Check out this one from Martha Stewart. Super cute paper birds and you can make them any color, and put them anywhere in your decorations. Click on the picture for a link to the page with the pattern.

We have a couple adorable Lovebird themed favors here at Wedding Belle Favors. Super cute for any bird themed wedding.

Four Small egg shaped soaps "nested" together  and wrapped in cello and tied with a light blue satin ribbon and tag. We can, of course personalize the tag for you and your lovebird.

If you check out our website ( we have a couple other bird themed favors to choose from!

Fall Weddings.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011
Is it too early to start talking about fall weddings?

If your wedding is this fall, im sure you have already answered that question in your mind with a resounding "no!"

I love fall weddings, fall weddings in places of the country where the leaves change colors and the grass turns a rich green, and the pretty colored leaves fall on the green grass and makes me just want to go jump in it. A jump into a pile of leaves is oh so satisfying. Not to mention, i love fall because its not too cold yet and i can pull out all my sweaters and scarves that had been put away in the spring, and starbucks brings back their pumpkin spice latte... mmm... im ready for fall. Fall really is an overlooked season, everyone is too busy thinking about Christmas to notice the leaves.
Fall Leaf Soap

Anyway, here at Wedding Belle Favors, we're ready for fall too. Some of my favorite favors that we sell are fall favors. They're fun to make and they're super cute.

This is the Fall leaf Soap. These soaps come in a nice ruddy red with a cinnamon scent, and a pumpkin colored orange with pumpkin spice scent.

Dont worry, if you cant get enough of the pumpkin spice scent, we have you covered on that too.

Pumpkin Spice Bath Salts

Pumpkin Spice Bath Salts. All boxed up and tied with a ribbon and ready to go.... straight into your bathtub, that is...

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