My Daughter's Lemonade Stand

Wednesday, June 20, 2012
OK, this is not directly related to weddings, but hear me out.  As a business owner of a wedding business, I also juggle my time being a Mom (especially with summer upon us), so it's kinda related. :)

My daughter is S-O-O-O excited about her new lemonade stand for the summer.  This is her second summer taking on this endeavor and she is behind it 100%:  fresh made lemonade (not powder), keeping track of costs, etc.  So I felt she needed a little extra "design help" for her stand.  With the business, I have pallets laying around all the time.  I took one and added some chalkboard paint (paint primer beforehand is a must).  Voila!  A super cute sign and readerboard of the day's specials.  I just can't stand how cute this turned out and how much fun she had on her first day today.

Emma's Lemonade Stand, Bean Squeeze.  Come on down!

P.S.:  This sign idea could work for a wedding!


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