Color Focus: Yellow & Orange

Tuesday, March 13, 2012
We can't stop hearing about yellow and orange as primary colors for a wedding theme.  Colors that were once only part of Fall weddings are now taking on a fresh look with nuptials.  Take a look......

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These beautiful yellow flowers simply "pop" against the bright green dresses at this wedding.
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These outdoor reception tables simply glow with the addition of drapey yellow fabric and hidden lanterns.

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Yellow is simply stunning when paired with gray at this sweet bar.
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Fresh lemonade makes a great favor.
             Daisy Seed Cards
 I always think of daisies when I think of a yellow theme; these Daisy Seed Favors make a perfect match for a yellow theme.
  Gerber Daisy Terra Cotta Place Card Holders/Set of 4
Love these Gerber Daisy Place Card holders for a reception.


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